Friday, July 18, 2014

Weekly Menus

I like routines, and schedules, and planning.  Often I have night meetings that last until what seems like forever and my husband works late into the night several times a week as well, so if we need to make certain the dogs go out at the right time and that there is something to eat for lunch and dinner, then we absolutely must plan.

Generally Thursday and Friday are my meal planning days.  Thursday I scout the web and revisit my Pinterest page to select the things I feel like eating for the next week. Friday morning I search my pantry shelves and freezer and put together a list of items we need to pick up at the store.  I use the app Out of Milk because it lets me share my shopping list with my husband.  I hit Trader Joes since its near work and he swings by Earth Fare (Whole Foods equivalent) since its on his way home.

This last week we were very good planners and managed to make everything on our week's menu.  We had:

This is like risotto made with farro. Also, I used TJs blueberry coated goat cheese and placed slices on top of the farrotto- it was appealing to the eye and the palate.  I made this into a one pot meal by simply sautéing the leeks and the garlic in the pan with eh butter and the oil then adding the faro and browning it slightly then adding the stock and, lastly, the kale when the farro was nearly done.  I cant imagine the taste changed any and it made the leeks ultra soft and buttery. 
Pumpkin Goat Cheese Pasta with Sage
I am trying to use of the last of my frozen items for last year before I restock my freezer with their year's produce.  I roast then puree pumpkin and winter squash and freeze the pulp in 1 cup portions for use throughout the year. 
I actually got to use the first group of mini eggplants from the fairy tale plant.  They were so tasty and are very easy to portion out due to their miniature size.  In fact, everything but the bell pepper was from the garden for this meal.  The only change I made to this recipe (other than the addition of other veggies) was to use a dry white wine instead of the water.  It tasted almost exactly like our favorite Thai restaurant!
Cheddar and Salami Sandwiches on Pretzel Rolls
This is the very best tip I ever got from a TJs employee.  He said "go get the 99 cent pretzel stick rolls and the $2 mini packet of cheese and salami, stick it in the microwave with a little mustard and you will have the best $3 lunch ever!"  I have to say he is right.  We sub-out the $2 cheese and salami packet for their quality salami log and the caramelized onion white cheddar and serve it along side a plate of pickles and olives for a quick Friday dinner - divine.
Grilled Cheese with Beet Greens, Red Onions and Raspberry Jalapeno Jam
I had originally written off the small batch of raspberry jalapeno jam I made with the last of the frozen raspberries from last year because I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it.  These particular sandwiches were made with brie and homemade whole wheat bread.  More grilled cheese will be had!
Spinach Salad with Red Lentils and a Roasted Red Pepper Dressing
This was not a fave.  Something was just a bit off.  All the individual ingredients were great (red lentils, pistachios, summer squash, cucumbers, feta, roasted red peppers) but as a whole they under performed.  It was sad but edible and this version will not be repeated.

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  1. Man! I need you to menu plan for me. Those are some good looking dishes. This reminds me, though, to make some fancy grilled cheese. So good and so easy.