Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Summer Canning & Preserving Plans

Ok folks, I am putting this down on paper (so to speak) so I can see how closely I actually get to completing everything I have in mind for this summer's canning and preserving sessions.  The road to hell they say...

I purchased all my jars, bought two official water bath canners to increase my processing capacity (my single pasta pot was simply not going to cut it this year!), and mixed up a personal blend of pickling spice so I am ready to go.

I have links to the various recipes (or books) I am using or adapting in hopes that they inspire others as they have me!  You will see that a majority of the items come from Canning for a New Generation, Preserving with Pomona's Pectin, and Tart & Sweet.  I have also been influenced by the recipes on Well Preserved, Food in Jars, and Punk Domestics websites.

Sweet Apple Cider Pickled Baby Beets
Fire Salsa Verde
Easy Pickled Jalapenos Slices
Pickled Hot Pepper Rings
Carrot Habanero Hot Sauce
Blueberry Lemongrass Syrup
Blueberry Ginger Jam
Pear Ginger Jam
Hot Cumin Pickled Summer Squash
Cranberry Jalapeno Jelly or Jalapeno Confetti Jelly
Peach & Cilantro Salsa
Persian Tarragon Pickles
Kimchi - still searching for the *perfect* recipe
Maple Bourbon Peach Jam
Hot N. Spicy Pickled Corn
Green Tomato Salsa
"Sun" Dried Tomatoes
Whole Canned Tomatoes (48 Quarts!)
Tomato Paste
Dehydrated Okra?
Dehydrated Herbs
Frozen Basil Pesto Cubes
Frozen Thai Herb Cubes
Frozen Roasted Red Peppers
Frozen Roasted Poblanos

I am sure I am forgetting some things!  I am cheating a bit this year and will simply process and freeze the peaches and blueberries until Fall rolls around and make jam at that time.  The garden will be demanding enough without having to worry about fruit and it will give me something to do when it starts to get dark at 4pm. 

If any one happens to have "the" recipe for peach salsa or kimchi send them along.  It would truly be appreciated!


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